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Dr. Akiva Gamliel & Rebbetzin Brachee Revi Belk
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By Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk

Dear Reader,
Welcome to I am pleased that you stopped by for a visit and maybe a short learning session together. Please visit our Ruach Ha Ohr Audio Lending Library.

We launched 08 - 18 - 2001 after 10:00 in the evening. It is our desire to share a simple, easy to follow spiritual path called Shee Vaw - Ha Mitzvos, The Seven Commands. The Seven Commands are also known as The Seven Noaich Commandments. This was the world’s first Spiritual path. Please be careful to notice that I use the words Spiritual Path as opposed to the word religion. Our world does not need more religion. We have more than enough religions. We need Spirituality! Spirituality is not hard to follow! Spirituality is not difficult to understand! Spirituality is not a small or large edifice. Spirituality is a home within the bosom of each of us that connects to the Creator’s Desires and Intentions for us.

When the Creator Created, I am referring to Hashem {the L-rd} G-d {Heb. El-o-him, Judge}. The Creator did not create religion, the Creator Created Spirituality. Adam and Chava {Eve} were the first man and woman. Adam and Chava originally were in harmony with all Creation. That harmony changed when Adam and Chava selected a different path than the one the Creator had intended for them. Yet even though their harmony with their Creator and the world surrounding them was disrupted, their Spirituality remained intact. You see, Spirituality and harmony do function independently.

Adam and Chava did not lose their Spirituality when they erred. They experienced a serious disruption in their harmony with the Creator's Will. Harmony and Spirituality are two very special links to the Creator. One may be disrupted but the other is not.

The sages of Ha Torah teach that our Creator Created seven things before the Creation of the world. This is based upon the first seven words of Ha Torah in Bereisheit 1.1 {Genesis}. I am making reference to the first seven words of Eev Ree {Hebrew, the original language}. Each of the first seven words of Eev Ree corresponds to one of these Creations. The seven devarim {words} form the boundaries of Creation like a foundation for a new building. Teshuvah {Repentance} is one of the foundation stones for the world. Our Creator Founded Creation on Teshuvah. In other words our Creator knew Adam and Chava would err and in His Wisdom He Created Teshuvah. Teshuvah is the solution for our errors. Through Teshuvah one repairs and restores their Harmony with the Creator. At this time I will not explain the essence of what Torah defines as Teshuvah. In this discussion all that is necessary is to understand that the Creator Prepared in advance for human failure. The Creator was not taken by surprise by human failure. In fact our Creator Stated at the conclusion of His Creating the words Tov - Mih Ohd {[My Creation] is very good}. This does not mean that sinning is good. The Creator's Expression of Tov - Mih Ohd goes on beyond human failing to the conclusion, Teshuvah. Tov - Mih Ohd reflects that all Creation was Very Good. The Creator Stated Tov - Mih Ohd after the sin of Adam and Chava. The point to this is that the Foundation Stone of Teshuvah held. Teshuvah worked! Teshuvah was Tov - Mih Ohd.

When Adam and Chava were created they were created with Spirituality. The house within them was furnished with The Seven Commands. They did not need to learn The Seven Commands. They intuitively understood The Seven Commands as every human does. Simply put, every one of us is like a computer with an operating system housed within us. The Seven Commands are every human’s basic / Original Operating System. When one learns what Ha Torah defines as the Seven Noaich Commands, one realizes most of us naturally observe these Seven Commands. Once we realize that we observe these commands then we can move to step two. We can unload... we can drop... we can loosen our religious baggage and we can release guilt associated with religion. Religion teaches the penalty of sin. Religion focuses on Adam and Chava's failures. Ha Torah teaches the glory of Teshuvah. Ha Torah teaches the restorative power of Teshuvah.

Dear reader, you were born with Spirituality, NOT RELIGION! In a similar way Jews are born with Judaism, NOT RELIGION! Jews are required to serve the Creator with Spirituality PLUS! That means we have a few more commands within our house that we must follow. That should be a relief... a big relief! Everyone in the world is Spiritual. Each of us has Spirituality. We have Spirituality regardless of who we are. Unfortunately in most instances religion clashes with Spirituality. Religion teaches many things that are not true. It is our goal at to encourage the non Jew and the Jew to experience the Spirituality they were born with as opposed to the religions they have been taught. Dear one, do you have questions about what religions teach?? Have you noticed that religious doctrines clash with what one reads in the Bible? Did you know that the word religion does not occur even once in Ha Torah {Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers or Deuteronomy}, Ha Neviim {the Prophets} or Ha Ketuvim {the Writings}? Why? Religion is not Spirituality!

Dear one, this brings us to a point. B'nai Noach Torah Institute is not a religious 501 C 3 Non Profit Tax Exempt Organization and neither are any of our Jewish or Spiritualist outreaches. Observers of Ha Torah offer gifts, offerings and tithes entirely on the pure teachings of Ha Torah. Many religions choose to seek tax exempt status in the United States of America. B'nai Noach Torah Institute does not! Why? B'nai Noach Torah Institute must remain true to pure Torah values. We give and we tithe in purity because this is an observance of Ha Torah. We do not want our giving to be influenced. We want our giving to be pure observance of Ha Torah. At this time I will not explain the essence of what Torah requires with regard to gifts, offerings and tithes.

Our outreach here at is simply to provide our guests with a few easy lessons on the Spirituality of Ha Torah. We want to offer our guests direction in observing Derech Ha Torah {the Path of Torah}. At B'nai Noach Torah Institute we want you to experience G-d and His Torah as He Intended. For this to happen one will need to offload religious doctrines that conflict with Ha Torah and return to one's G-d-given natural Spirituality. The reason that I say return is because most of us have, like a computer, picked up viruses along the way. These viruses did not come with our computer's original operating system. In a similar way we picked up viral doctrines and philosophies that did not come with our original operating system. It is important for us to clear our system of these viruses as we begin reinstalling our Creator's Original Operating System.

Everything the Creator Desires for us is recorded in Ha Torah. It is not necessary to convert to Judaism to become a devoted student of Ha Torah. Spiritualists are required to study, to learn and to observe Ha Torah. At B'nai Noach Torah Institute we share how one reconnects with Torah Spirituality. At 7 Commands we give you a small taste of what learning at B'nai Noach Torah Institute is like. At we only have the resources to point one in the direction of Torah observances. We reserve group classes, individual learning and E-mail discussions for classmates of B'nai Noach Torah Institute. After Adam and Chava sinned a Cherub with a flaming sword was placed outside of the gate to Gan Eden {the Garden of Eden}. Why? Our Creator Did this to prevent them from returning to eat from Aytz - Ha Chah Yeem {the tree of life}. What is the point? The eventual result of their sin was that both Adam and Chava would die. This was the penality for breaking the command, do not steal. What did they steal? They took fruit from the only tree in Gan Eden that did not belong to them. G-d prohibited one tree from Adam and Chava. They stole fruit from that tree, the prohibited tree. Dear one, the point is that there are some things the Creator Gives to us and their are some things He Prohibits from us. The same holds true for humans. One is prohibited from walking into a store and taking what they desire without paying for it. At B'nai Noach Torah Institute one is prohibited from taking our information, our knowledge, our instruction without paying for it. Why? The sages of Ha Torah teach that each of us requires a teacher. We each need a teacher to hand down the teachings of Ha Torah. We need someone to carefully teach us Derech Ha Torah {the Path of the Torah}. Those that come to us at B'nai Noach Torah Institute from a world of corruption... from a world of viruses... from a world of religious doctrines... from a world that does not understand Eev Ree {Hebrew}, from a world where the traditions of Ha Torah have not been carefully learned and handed down from teacher to student for many, many generations... cannot properly receive or understand the intentions of Derech Ha Torah. So as a result we cannot permit one the freedom to study without a teacher. At B'nai Noach Torah Institute there is a charge for learning. Classmates who learn with us find BNTI to be a wonderful and enlightening experience of great spiritual value. That value comes from learning from a well-seasoned and established teacher. This is not the type of instruction that one can receive from learning in a quality Bible College or Seminary. The experience of learing Derech Ha Torah truly comes to life from a Torah rabbi or a Torah moreh. Observance of Ha Torah requires respect for G-d, Torah tradition, the sages of blessed memory, one's parents and one's rabbi... one's moreh... At B'nai Noach Torah Institute our classmates' respect is well-earned!

I would like to point out that one should not feel forced to believe a certain way. Do you feel forced to believe a particular doctrine by a relative, friend, religious leader or by someone who comes by your home or business uninvited? The Creator does not force anyone to believe or observe Judaism or Spirituality. The Creator allows us the freedom of choice. This is so each of can choose to observe or to rebel, to do good or to do evil... Adam and Chava had the freedom to choose to obey the Creator or to disobey the Creator's Instruction. It was only after they failed to willingly obey His Instruction that the Cherub with a flaming sword was placed outside of the gate to Gan Eden. What is the point? At B'nai Noach Torah Institute we teach our classmates to respect those that teach Derech Ha Torah. Respect requires that the teacher be in an elevated position. The teacher must be honored. One does not honor the Creator or Ha Torah or the sages of blessed memory or their parents or their teacher by being only a taker. One also has an obligation to give honor.

I began this introduction by discussing Adam and Chava and their error in Gan Eden. Taking the fruit was not only an issue of stealing. This was an issue of honor. If they abstained from taking the fruit their action of abstinence would have been an act of righteousness. Their action of abstinence would have honored their Creator's Command. It was a test for them. When they failed the test, the Cherub with a flaming sword was placed outside of the gate to Gan Eden. One must wonder why Adam and Chava's children, Kayin {Cain} and Hevel {Abel}, who were born in Gan Eden on the sixth day before the sin of their parents were also expelled from Gan Eden along with their parents? Why were Kayin {Cain} and Hevel {Abel} treated as if they had sinned themselves? This is a far question. Ha Torah teaches that our Creator shows Kindness for thousands of generations. His Kindness is much greater than His Required penality for sin. Yet our Creator does require a penality for the sins of the fathers that are passed on to the children up until the third and fourth generations. {See Shemot / Exodus 20:5,6} It is not for us to debate the Creator's Method of reproving. It is only for us to recgonize. Dear one, when Adam sinned his children were affected. When we sin our children are affected. When a Ganif {thief} steals from a department store, every consumer that purchases from that store is affected. The cost of theft is passed along to every consumer. What is the point? At B'nai Noach Torah Institute we originally offered all our courses for no charge to our classmates. All that we asked for was that our classmates honor us by remembering our needs. We requested that our classmates share in our expenses. The results of this type of honoring system was not good. Classmate after classmate failed in their Torah responsibility to do what the Creator Required. The result was we had to protect ourselves from the misuses and abuses of classmates who would not honor Derech Ha Torah. This is why we do not offer free courses at B'nai Noach Torah Institute any longer. We reqire our classmates to pay for their introduction and their courses. In addition Derech Ha Torah does not relieve our classmates from offering gifts, offerings and tithes to B'nai Noach Torah Institute. Ha Torah requires the student to honor the teacher.

Have you been made to feel uncomfortable about asking questions??? In the Torah world of B'nai Noach Torah Institute, we encourage our classmates to ask questions and to enter into class discussions. At B'nai Noach Torah Institute each classmate receives individual attention. I encourage you to check out our courses. Read what our classmates say about B'nai Noach Torah Institute. Dear one, the point is that B'nai Noach Torah Institute teaches Torah observances that most potential classmates are not familar with. The majority of our potential classmates know very little of Derech Ha Torah. They often have an incorrect perception! So when I discuss the original path I am discussing the original path that our Creator Established through observance of Derech Ha Torah. Our classmates find observance of Derech Ha Torah not only refreshing but exciting. Why? It's like returning home after being away for a very long time. One rediscovers their roots!!

Now if you have read this entire discussion, there are two ways we can go. You can begin the process of becoming a classmate or you can wait. You can begin observing Derech Ha Torah or you can wait. I encourage you to visit B'nai Noach Torah Institute and to begin the enrollment process. I encourage you to begin your return to the original path, Derech Ha Torah...

Experience Spirituality! Enjoy Life! Cleanse yourself from the impurity of religion. Reinstall your Original Operating System.

Dr. Akiva Gamliel Belk